Worki na śmieci z uchwytem 10 L - 75 sztuk

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  • The product is approved for trading in the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union
  • The product is made of high density polyethylene, it can be recycled. Packages made of HDPE are suitable for re-use (after washing with lukewarm water with the addition of non-aggressive detergents and without the use of abrasives (powders, pastes)
  • Take care of cleanliness, throw away the used product packaging in the bin
  • Packaging made of paper
  • Keep out of reach of children


Number of pieces in a box1
Number of cartons on a pallet layer0
Number of layers on a pallet0
Number of cartons on a pallet0
Number of pieces on a pallet1
Weighti0 kg
Carton weight0 kg
Waga palety (z paletą EURO)0 kg

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