BIO Paper cups 400 ml - 6 pieces

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  • Packaging made of polylactide, an organic and biodegradable substance
  • Take care of cleanliness, throw away the used product packaging in the bin
  • The product can be recycled
  • The product is intended for contact with food, it does not affect the taste and smell of the dish


  • Environmentally friendly product
  • They are fully biodegradable under composting conditions
  • Thanks to the tight sealing they help to keep stored food fresh
  • Perfect for cold and warm drinks


  • Choosing a summer picnic will think about nature, among which you will have a good time. Take with you fully biodegradable cups made of plant materials, as well as other products from the ever-wider range of articles with a green leaf. And by giving your favorite dishes at the party you can shine with an ecological approach and inspire your guests to a more conscious lifestyle. Plastic cups decompose up to 400-500 years and, like other products of this type, pose a great environmental burden. In picnic areas, even organized ones, containers for waste segregation are very often missing, so it is even better to have dishes that are friendly to nature.


Number of pieces in a box8
Number of cartons on a pallet layer10
Number of layers on a pallet7
Number of cartons on a pallet70
Number of pieces on a pallet560
Weighti0,07 kg
Carton weight0,784 kg
Waga palety (z paletą EURO)74,88 kg

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