BIO Waste bags 10L - 10 pieces

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Number of pieces10


  • The product is intended for contact with food, it does not affect the taste and smell of the dish
  • The product is approved for trading in the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union
  • Take care of cleanliness, throw away the used product packaging in the bin
  • The product can be recycled
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Packaging made of paper
Number of pieces10


  • The product is 100% environmentally friendly
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  • Perfect for composting in the garden
  • They are fully biodegradable under composting conditions
  • Comfortable to use
  • Resistant to wet waste
Number of pieces10


  • BIO waste bags made of plant ingredients are an indispensable product in the equipment of every gardener or allotment who loves nature and wants to cultivate his passion, while caring for the natural environment. Thanks to them, you can organize your green oasis in a convenient way, while living ecologically. Such bags completely break down within a few weeks. After getting into the wet and warm compost environment, it will be "eaten" by soil bacteria, which will break it down into biomass, water and CO2. If you want to reduce the use of plastic on a daily basis, you can also put other rubbish in the bag, in such conditions it will degrade more slowly, but it is a much more ecological choice.
Number of pieces10


Number of pieces in a box14
Number of cartons on a pallet layer9
Number of layers on a pallet12
Number of cartons on a pallet108
Number of pieces on a pallet1512
Weighti0,223 kg
Carton weight3,272 kg
Waga palety (z paletą EURO)373,376 kg
Number of pieces10