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Paper mugs

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Paper Cups? We are so!

In viGo! We love adoption and you know what? None of them can not do without.... Paper cups! And They admit all the owners of catering outlets, catering companies, or simply organizers of outdoor events, receptions, conferences and banquets. Are you planning a family party? Thanks to us, you don't have to carry glasses on it – you just need to put on light and efficient paper cups. In addition, they will not suffer a single vessel. Convince Yourself!

Paper Cups are fully safe

We Guarantee that our paper cups are fully safe products. By using the best materials, they do not affect the taste of drinks or even more for Your safety. There is no such. opportunity to hurt them, and this is crucial for children. For their safety, we all care, right? The more It is worth to put on paper cups. It's safety, convenience and a lot of money saving.