Paper trays

Paper trays

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Paper Plates are a practical and ecological solution. Let's get to the planet!

Paper Trays for no reason are so popular! It is simply our complement to the other elements of the tableware, which is necessary for every admission. We are Distinguished by the fact that we give You first and foremost practical solutions. Our paper trays are an alternative to classic glass, porcelain or ceramics counterparts. These are difficult to transport, require thorough washing and, above all, can easily be destroyed – especially at an outdoor event.

Paper Trays? The most!

Suitable trays are necessary for every admission, be it on the grill, children's birthdays, or outdoor campfire. In Each of these places you will find our paper trays perfectly! In Addition, they have one more unquestionable trait – they are a fully ecological solution! Good fun, no hours of dishwashing and caring for the planet? Yes, it's definitely worth to put on paper trays!