Disposable mugs

Disposable mugs

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Disposable Cups use everyone. Bet on those really durable!

Outdoor Events and disposable cups are an inseparable pair. That's why we've added these products to the Vi-Go offer. But with us you will find something more: really durable, comfortable disposable cups, which are equally good for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks, as well as for cool lemonade. Their usefulness is hardly even overestimate, especially since they are really durable.

Disposable Cups are a good place to take anywhere

Disposable Cups are so light that their transport is absolutely not a problem. You can take them literally everywhere, using them whenever you need to. Especially in the Vi-Go you will find Styrofoam, paper, plastic, transparent and classic versions. For This, you will find with us cups, cups, and even glasses! We Give You a huge choice while providing maximum comfort and quality. We just want to bet ON us.