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Breakfast Bags is the older brother of the food packaging paper

Exactly. It's sort of... Improved version of the breakfast paper. In This type of handbags you can safely pack your favorite snacks, or a nutritious meal just in time for a short break at school, work or at college. The Whole is made of materials with special purpose for food contact. What does that mean? That in no way will affect the taste and smell of food. If you prepare something tasty – it will remain. You have a guarantee!

Breakfast Bags are just useful to You

Breakfast Bags are made of fat-proof paper, which adds even more practicality. It's time to break up once and for all with horrible paper replacers, which, when in contact with food, turn into an unsighteptic musher. We do not give permission for this. We like to eat tasty at work, which is why we also give you this opportunity!