Home aluminium foil

Home aluminium foil

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The aluminium Foil of the home conquered the hearts of all housewives. Discover its advantages!

Home Aluminum Foil is a thing necessary in any kitchen. Among other things, because it is ideal for baking, steaming and grilling. But that's not all its advantages. In Addition, it is ideal for storing food and... Its freezing! It is sometimes particularly troublesome. That's why in viGO! We meet, offering You a strong high-quality aluminium foil. About its durability you can be calm!

Home aluminum Foil for comfort in the kitchen

Home aluminum Foil has a whole range of applications, depending on which side you want to use. The shiny Side insulates the heat, and the matte will pass through, or it can better say, "absorbs". Thanks to it, the food retains its fresh taste, aroma and of course the most important: any vitamins. Home Aluminum Foil is just a friend of any kitchen.